Monday, July 27, 2015

A Blessed One Indeed

24 de julio 2015.
There really is so much to be grateful for. I arrived last night from my travels at 7pm, making pasta for dinner, showering and passing out early. Not before receiving a message, however. Juan was headed this way, making a delivery and would be heading back to Mariano Cestero with an empty truck. Until, that is, he picked up the donations we were promised by the wonderful women at Save the Children. They're moving to a smaller office and because of a contact I had made long ago, we had some things waiting for us for the library. So I yet again wasn't given notice ahead of time (this has happened numerous times and have been failed attempts). I awoke and was at the office by 8am, making crazy phone calls all along the way-to Juan, Casilda, the Save the Children office and to Ann. I finally got ahold of Juan, directions for him, and permission to leave. I left at 9am, caught the metro, waited on the side of the road, and finally saw the beautiful, empty, red truck with Juan in the drivers seat. A few loops and we made it to the office. 
And loaded it up like so:

5 gorgeous tables, a printer, and copier were sent off to Mariano for the future library. More things await us but there was no room this trip around (such a good problem to have!). And a few phone calls made for a very happy library committee. I was flying high on the way back to the PC office. A working lunch, cup of coffee, 4 charlas planned, and then I received a much-awaited phone call. My grant for the library was finally approved. We will soon be receiving $5,000(U.S.) for the library. And the work will soon begin. My heart beats faster just thinking about it.
I arrived at the office at 8am and didn't leave until 6:15pm. And I didn't mind one bit. It was such a beautiful, crazy day. A blessed one indeed.

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